About Me


By day, I’m an electrical engineer with a background of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave structure modeling as well as modeling of MEMS devices (both linear and nonlinear).  I previously was a consultant and bought this domain under the intent of using this to advertise for business.  However, I had to grow up at some point and get a real job.  At this time, I am not taking on any consulting customers.

By evening, I’m an active maker of stuff and parent of two very active kids.  When the kids were young, my hobby of custom furniture making shifted to woodturning.  Woodturning allowed me to focus on smaller projects with steps that can be easily completed in an hour or two compared with large furniture that took quite a bit of time.  Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the artistic side of wood turning and the satisfaction of turning firewood into a fine bowls.

As the kids grow up, their interests developed and I found myself helping my daughter and son learn interesting science and engineering talents.  This has resulted in an interest in amateur robotics, rocketry, Science Olympiad, and just making neat stuff with them.  I currently coach several robotics teams (for fun) in Robofest and World Robot Olympiad (WRO).  In addition, I always find it fun to learn other aspects of hobby robotics that don’t involve competing.  Much of what I learn is posted on my blog with the hopes of helping others.

If you find anything on this site that is useful, or requires correction, please contact me through the contact form.